Applications of AXION LED light fixtures depending on the color temperature

The color temperature determines the hue of light emitted by the light source and is measured in Kelvin (K) degrees. The higher the color temperature, the light appears to be coming in the cooler and blue colors. The lower the color temperature, the light appears to be warmer. The LEDBERG company offers AXION lamps in the following color temperatures:

5,000K – daylight color 
4,000K – neutral color
3,000K – warm / soft white color

5,000K (daylight color) – is recommended for places and spaces where all kinds of work are performing, especially labor-intensive for eyes. This color temperature creates “invigorating” atmosphere in a room and stimulates to work, increasing its efficiency. Ideally suited for lighting rooms up during the day, because it is the most similar to natural daylight. 5,000 K color temperature goes well with white color – this combination visually enhances the space. In addition, the color of 5,000 K gives the impression of purity and is often chosen to medical offices and hospitals.
This color temperature is ideal for rooms designed in a modern style with domination of space, glass, metal.

Recommended areas of LED applications:
– production halls
– garages
– warehouses
– technical rooms
– sports halls
– workplaces
– clinics and hospitals

4,000K (neutral color) – is recommended for general lighting of places where there are no special requirements to the color of the light. This color temperature has a neutral character (between daylight and warm light). The light is bright, uniform and does not cause glare, also it guarantees good color rendering. If there are doubts about the choice of light color, it is worth a stop at 4000 K, because this color is the most “safe” for all kinds of spaces.

Recommended areas of LED applications:
– commercial pavilions, shops, shopping centres
– car parks
– underpasses and other pedestrian strings
– corridors
– supermarkets

3,000K (warm / soft white color) – creates a relaxing atmosphere and provides well-being. The warm light ensures a pleasant, positive, relaxing atmosphere. Most often it is used in places of entertainment, games etc. The light in the warm color gives more clarity and brilliance, which has a positive effect on the appearance of skin, clothing and food products. It recommended for the lighting of such foods as fruits, vegetables, breads, pastries, fresh fish, meat etc., to emphasize their quality and freshness.

Recommended areas of LED applications:
– grocery stores
– shelves with food
– living rooms and playrooms
– nurseries and kindergartens
– relaxation room

Shelf with fruits in supermarket LEDBERG AXION barwa światła 3000 K LEDBERG AXION oświetlenie LED - pokój odpoczynku

It is worth noting that the above information is only a suggestion on our part on the choice of the color of light, and it is not the rule. Finally, the choice depends on the preferences of users, the colors of the rooms, architectural style and the amount of time spent in these areas.