LEDBERG company profile

The LEDBERG company is one of the leading manufacturers of professional LED lighting in Poland. The company is characterized by a high pace of innovation and development, therefore it has a significant impact on the trends giving rise to technological changes in the lighting market. In the production process we use the best Polish and European components to deliver high reliability and high quality LEDBERG lighting fixtures. We work closely with leading research centers and OSRAM company: together we develop the latest LED technology solutions.

The design of lighting fixtures manufactured by LEDBERG takes into account primarily energy efficiency, ergonomics, environmental performance and high luminous efficiency. We use the eco-design principle of lighting systems which can generate substantial energy savings.

Professional lighting systems made by LEDBERG are tailored to the individual requirements of each customer. Our specialists select not only the right amount of light points and their location, but they also adjust the optimal color temperature. LEDBERG is a meeting place for architects, interior designers and others interested in professional lighting solutions. Our specialists are at your disposal to provide comprehensive information on the company and its offer.